If you’re not paying close attention to the work and wisdom of Phil Bowdle, you should be. Phil is the Creative Arts Director at West Ridge Church and an all-around great guy (oh, and a Sunday| Mag contributor, too).

When Phil and the team at West Ridge are planning worship services and deciding what events and ministries qualify for an announcement from the stage, they start with a pretty simple filter: if it doesn’t apply to at least 80% of the audience, it’s probably not going to be announced. (Phil mentions a couple of exceptions in this helpful post.)

I don’t know about you, but recently I’ve been thinking that a filter like that would make my life a lot easier. With that in mind, I thought we should seek the wisdom of the crowd through a little informal poll. Here goes …

Do you have an established method for deciding what does and doesn’t get announced from the stage in your worship services? If so, give us an overview of that process in the Comments section below.