A great way to show to members of your church the opportunities where they can serve is to tour them around the church and show them each ministry in action.

Here are some ideas on how to provide these Serving Opportunities Tours to your New Volunteers:

1. You could establish a New Serve or New Volunteer Team. This could be a staff or volunteer-led team. This team could be responsible for assimilating all new members of your church into a serving opportunity.

2. Be sure to schedule these tours soon after your Church Membership Class. You don’t want to leave to much time between them joining your church and when you start plugging them in to serve.

3. Schedule your Serving Opportunities Tours during a prime time where attendees can see each ministry area in action. It’s important for them to get a good idea of what serving in a particular ministry area would be like.

4. Have passionate Hosts for the Tour and for each ministry area. You want your Tour Guide to be outgoing, bubbly, and fun. They need to be passionate about seeing people serve in your church. Also have a designated person in each ministry area that could meet with the tour group as they come by. Have them spend a very brief time sharing the vision of their ministry area and what serving opportunities are available.

5. Respect their time. You want these tours to visit as many ministry areas as you can, but don’t keep them there all day. Thirty minutes to an hour is plenty of time for these tours.

6. Sign them up and follow up! It’s good to ‘strike while the iron’s hot’ and have them sign up for a ministry area before they leave. Don’t give them an excuse to back out. Encourage them to go ahead and plug in! Be sure to follow up that week to make sure they are clear on their next step.

7. Make sure each ministry area has a good system for plugging new volunteers into their pipeline. You can use tools like Fellowship One or The City to make sure volunteers are being scheduled on a regular basis to serve.

These ideas can apply to your Media Production Team or all ministry areas in your church.

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